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So lets say that by this time, your tomatoes have succumbed to the early season blight.  Or, perhaps you left a portion of your garden un-planted this spring.  However it came to be: there's an empty spot--or entire bed-- in your food garden.  You want to grow something that will produce but not something that's going to interfere with your fall garden in September/October.  Below is a quick 5-step guide on how to chose a few varieties for replanting.

(Just so you know, I'm assuming for the entirety of this post that your garden space gets at least 4-5 to 8 to 12 hours of sun.  Some afternoon shade is definitely okay.  4pm to 6:30pm are tough in July and August, even for the heat tolerant crops.)

1)First off, you need to measure your empty spot.  Is it 1ft x 5ft, i.e., 5 square feet?  Or 4'x10', i.e. 40 square feet?  With a sense of your space in mind...

2)You need to get a sense of what grows this time of year and how much space it requires.  Tallahassee Food …

Apalachicola Community Garden

This past weekend, I made it down to Apalachicola.  My true destination was the beach, but I'm a community garden junkie.  What can I say?  Sunday afternoon Mary Elizabeth and I swung by their  City Square Community Garden.  It's gorgeous.  Take a look.  (PS, this amazing lady offered us cucumbers and zucchini from her plot.)  Kudos to Apalachicola.