Man in Overalls helps you #GrowYourGroceries!


Man in Overalls helps you

Drawing on 20+ years of experience growing food in the Deep South, I'll take your food garden dream and make it a reality. Raised beds, built and planted to get you started. Micro irrigation so you don't have to worry. Ongoing maintenance & education to keep you successful. I'll help you #GrowYourGroceries the easy
way by sharing my expertise and doing the hard work for you.

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How It Works
1) Design
photo credit: Agata Gardner
Most projects begin by scheduling a site visit for me to confirm the best spot for your garden and help you imagine your food garden design. Then again, you may already know exactly what you want and where you want it; you just need someone to make it happen. If that's you, I'm just an email away. Either way, based on your food garden dream, preferences, and price-point, I'll provide a design concept and estimate for your review. Next...

2) Installation
photo credit: Inga Finch
I'll line up materials and install raised beds filled with my Magic Mix; plant the fruit trees, berries, and herbs you requested; and set up an automatic micro irrigation system to make sure everything thrives. So far as seasonal veggies and herbs, I'll give you a list of options. From here, you have a couple of choices...

photo credit: Inga Finch
Based on what you want to grow, I'll bring seasonal starts and seeds, and plant for you. Then again, maybe you're interested in learning all you can; in which case, you're welcome to join me for a one-on-one planting tutorial at no extra charge.  If you're on a budget, you can still lean on my expertise by having me create a personalized food garden planting map to guide you. Or, if you know what you're doing, you can take it from here. Moving forward, I can provide...

4)Maintenance & Education
photo credit: Inga Finch
Different food gardeners need different support. Based on your needs, I offer:
  • Basic: Seasonal Support. I will come seasonally to clean-up, deliver my Magic Mix & top-dress to maintain soil fertility; offer guidance; and I can also replant to help you get a good start. (By default, I offer support seasonally to all my customers).
  • Grow the Easy Way: Monthly Maintenance. I will check on and maintain your garden monthly to keep things tidy and productive, so you can just do the easy things, rest assured, and harvest the bounty. (starting at $65/month, billed seasonally + incidental materials & supplies).
  • Monthly Maintenance + Food Garden Lessons. I'll come when you're home, in order to teach you the basics and show you what I do & why I do it- in your garden- so, you'll get the support you need and learn to be a self-sufficient food gardener. (Starting at $95/month, billed seasonally + incidental materials & supplies).
  • Learn to Grow: Video Chat Food Garden Lessons. I will teach you the basics, answer all your questions, and give personalized, monthly instructions on live, phone-to-phone video conference, so you'll learn how to #GrowYourGroceries like the Man in Overalls. And, since it's remote, it's half price! ($45/monthly session, billed seasonally).

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Education & Consulting
"I strive to cultivate a new generation of gardeners and farmers. If we grow it; we'll eat it, and we desperately need a diet change in this country for the sake of our life expectancy." From hands-on how-to workshops to inspiring stories from the good food movement to team & network facilitation, I didn't "fall off the turnip truck yesterday" as they say. 
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