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the easy way.

Man in Overalls offers Food Gardening Services to help you #GrowYourGroceries.

Most services begin with a 1-hr Food Garden Consultation or 1/2-hr Food Garden Dream Session. Request one today!

Food Garden site-assessments, consulting, design, workshops & lessons. We'll share our knowledge and experience, so you can stop googling, actually get your questions answered, and #GrowYourGroceries, confidently.
  • NEW! "Overalls On Call" - Seasonal and weather-related tips, advisories, and Q&A support by text, email, or video. I'll keep you up-to-date with the seasons, offer tips & ideas, warn you about freezes, and answer your questions, so you can just #GrowYourGroceries without worry & without googling all the time.  $25/month. Inquire or sign-up today! (FREE with standard maintenance plan.)
  • Food Garden Consultation/Site Visit - In light of your food garden dreams, I'll assess your site and offer personalized food garden feedback & recommendations. We'll discuss topics such as sunlight, soil, amendments, water, drainage, irrigation, edible options, design ideas, material choices, seasonal rhythms, pests, succession planting, and I'll answer your questions. Consultations are personalized food garden tutorials.  $75/first hour, $55/hour addit. hours. Fee waived for school & community groups as my schedule allows. **$45 of consultation price will be credited towards your project if you hire me for an installation). Request one today!
  • 1/2hr Food Garden Dream Session/Site Visit
- I'll quickly assess your space and offer various ideas about how you could #GrowYourGroceries. $45. **This will be credited towards your project if you hire me for an installation. Request one today!

Standard raised beds, custom beds & edible landscapes, micro-irrigation. We'll design, construct, install, prep, and plant your food garden, so you can (actually) get started!
  • PROMO! 4ft x 8ft x 10in Ready to Plant Raised bed - constructed, installed, filled with my Magic Mix. $250/each. Or $225 if you buy 2 or more. Request one today! 
  • Ready to Plant Standard Raised Beds - Constructed, installed, filled with my Magic Mix. Standard beds are yellow pine, 10in high, and come in these sizes: 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 3x3, 3x6, 3x8, 4x4, 4x6, 4x8, 4x10, 4x12, 4x14, 4x16, 4x20, 4x24. Ask for prices or order one today!
  • Custom Raised Beds - Whether you're hoping for a table-top garden for your patio, beds of concrete block, cedar, cypress, or recycled composite plastic, or want a waist-high herb garden, I've got you covered. Prices vary. Custom projects start with a 1hr Food Garden Consultation or 1/2hr Food Garden Dream Session/Site visit. Request one today! 
  • Edible Landscapes - Herbs, fruit trees, berries, grapes, and medicinals all woven into your existing landscape. I build on decades of regional-specific trial-and-error about which edibles actually grow and produce locally and draw from Permaculture design principles and over a decade of extensive experience. Prices vary Custom projects start with a 1hr Food Garden Consultation or 1/2hr Food Garden Dream Session/Site visit. Request one today!

From deliveries of my Magic Mix to seasonal planting, from monthly maintenance and education to handling every detail week-in-week-out, I'll make it easy for you to #GrowYourGroceries.
  • Basic - Seasonal clean-up & supplies delivery. I'll do the hard work, so you can just plant & watch your groceries grow. Plan includes: a quick seasonal clean up, my Magic Mix delivery and top dressing. No piles left in your driveway! I'll place my Magic Mix in your bed & smooth it out, so you'll be ready to plant. Starting at $100. Request a quote today!
    • Add-ons: plants & seeds on your doorstep, personalized planting map, "Overalls On Call."
  • Basic Plus Clean-up, supplies, & planting. I'll get your garden planted, so you can actually get started growing your groceries. Plan includes: everything in Basic and... your food garden planted with your preferred seasonal varietiesStarting at $225. Request this service today! 
  • Standard - Clean-up, supplies, planting, and monthly support. I'll check-in every month & teach you the basics to ensure your success, so you can just do the little things, rest assured, & reap the rewards. Plan includes everything in Basic Plus and... monthly education & maintenance visits. I'll teach you the basics of soil, watering, pests & what to do, succession re-planting, and how & when to harvest.  Includes "Overalls On Call." Starting at $95/month (when billed for 6-month season). Request this service today! 
  • Premium - Weekly or bi weekly maintenance. I'll do it all. Period. So, you can just enjoy garden-fresh groceries year-round. Starting at $175/month (when billed for 6-month season). Request this service today!

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