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Food Day Activities (Week Two) - Don't forget

The Tallahassee Food Network is really pulling together a great slew of events.  I will be at the Food Trucks Thursday evening; I'm coordinating the Community Garden Tour this Saturday; I'll attend the Food-O-Rama event at Kleman Plaza on Sunday, 1-6pm.  Amidst that window, I'll most certainly be in attendance from 3-5pm at Tallahassee Food Network's Youth Symposium on Food and Hunger, organized by my friend Qasimah Boston with Project F.O.O.D (at Kleman Plaza in TCC conference center). Monday, Oct 23rd, will be a juggling act from exhibiting my truck which I'll have planted full of veggies at the Florida Grown School Lunch Week Kick-Off at the Capital 10am-1pm and presenting at the Sustainable You Conference on "Food and Community Gardening 101" at 3pm.  See you around town.  Happy Food Day. (Details below)

Food Day seeks to bring together Americans from all walks of life—parents, teachers, and students; health professionals, community organizers, and loc…

Taking Notes

Bought a kitchen scale today.  For the past two+ years I've been in business, folks have asked me, "But how much can I expect to grow in such-and-such a garden?"  I've answered with my own experiences, with rough estimates of numbers of heads of lettuce, harvests of collard greens, ranges of anticipated production rates of tomato plants.  Finally, I'm going to document what I grow in my own garden, pound by pound, ounce by ounce.  I've got the space equivalent of (5) 4x4 raised beds, so I'll have five replicates to share and some averages for the cool season come March/April.  Then I'll document spring season.

Meanwhile, the work of the food movement to develop resilient community-based food systems is all the more important: Received the note below from Second Harvest of the Big Bend mentioning that they are to receive 10s of 1000s of pounds less food from the USDA each month that was historically distributed to shelters, church food pantries and the…

Mary Ann Lindley: Food Day takes to the streets (and gardens), TD, Oct 9, 2011

Graciously, Mary Ann Lindley at the Tallahassee Democrat agreed to write her op-ed piece on Tallahassee-area Food Day activities being coordinated by countless spokes of the Tallahassee Food Network.

Mary Ann Lindley: "Food Day takes to the streets (and gardens)"
Sunday, Oct 9, 2011
Tallahassee Democrat

A few years ago, ice cream moved to my short list of wicked foods. It's kind of a joke at our house, where I'm learning to make frozen yogurt, thanks to the cheerfully entertaining kind of wedding present you get when you are middle-aged.

In addition to the emotional appeal of ice cream, it's Exhibit A — maybe B, if you count a nice glass of wine — of items that we tell ourselves we "deserve."

Long day, hot day, too much going on, exhausted, annoyed, heartbroken, depressed: Ice cream with all the trimmings comes to the rescue.

Still, very little can be said for it nutritionally, not even if you're looking at it as a calcium supplement. Likewise, not m…

Of Interest

A few links and pictures of interest:

Tallahassee Food Network
     A Growing Hub of Tallahassee's food movement
     & the site to visit for all the details on Tallahassee-area Food Day Activities
Tallahassee Community Gardening Program
     Get your neighbors together, start a community garden on city land
Grow to Learn NYC
     Awesome NYC-based school garden program
Grow the Planet
      Super cool crowd-sourcing garden how-to resource
Urban Agriculture Training
     Georgia Organics is offering an awesome 10 month training in ATL
Urban Farming Guys
     Group of Guys in Kansas City who offer great DIY home-growing videos
My Farm
     A "Farmville-isk" experiment in crowd-sourcing farm management
Tallahassee Edible Garden Club
     Edible Garden Tours plus monthly peer-to-peer edible garden info exchange
Ample Harvest
     A Food Gardener to Food Pantry connector site

And a few pictures: