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 My Customers Say...
  • We are thrilled with our garden! Well worth the investment. Man in Overalls makes gardening EASY!!! - Susan
  • The garden is so pretty. Thank you. It's a wonderful feeling to experience a low maintenance garden. - Sylvia
  • Life is crazy with two little ones, a part time job and a hard working husband. Sometimes you gotta call for back up. Enter Man in Overalls, who installed all our new raised garden beds. The girls loved watching the process. - Sara
  • Super psyched about my expansion! Thanks for the pest management consultation and more of your MAGIC Mix, Man in Overalls! - Christin 
  • Thanks you much! I am thrilled with my garden! Monday, my grandson and I will plant. This is something I have wanted for years, and you made it happen! It's a dream come true! - Pat
  •  Job well done! My garden is flourishing. Questions were answered in an informative, humble manner, and you gave hints on how to succeed. - Dianne

My Customers Say...
  • Thank you Man in Overalls for giving us guidance and suggestions for rebuilding our school garden! - Elise, Neptune Beach Elementary School
  • You helped us cultivate a lot of community excitement and involvement! - Lori, Southwood Community Garden
  • Before, our garden was pitiful! You helped us with placement, design, building, and planting with our children. The raised beds gave it definition, and the trellis arches were great! Our garden is just the right size now! - Karen, Seminole Montessori Preschool
  • You involve everyone in the process, which leads to learning and teaches us the magic of gardening. - Amy, FL Department of Agriculture

My Customers Say...
  • You were the master of teaching whether a four-year-old toddler or a 40-year-old woman. You're a speaker: fun, yet educational! - Katrice of The Space at Feather Oaks
  • You taught the kids how to build, plant, harvest, and together we cooked and enjoyed! - Kelly

If I can support you...
in growing food for self and neighbor, let me know. I offer turn-key food gardening support services here in NE FL and can support aspiring food gardeners in other places across the Deep South as well. To inquire about that, email me.

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Good soil will basically grow your groceries for you, but how do you build great soil? 
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As I was saying, the easy way to build a great soil is to fill raised beds with a terrific compost-based soil mix like my Magic Mix to jump start your food garden productivity from year one. From there, seasonally, you simply top-dress each season before planting with another few inches of compost-based soil mix. This is how I manage my own food garden and those of my customers. Why? Because at the root of things, I'm a lazy food gardener, and long ago I decided to embrace it. 😎

But if you're not in th…