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Organizers and Hosts of the (2011) 2nd Annual Community Garden Gathering of the Big Bend.  Left to right: Jennifer Taylor with FAMU's Small Farm Prog., Miaisha Mitchell with the Frenchtown Revitalization Council, Nathan Ballentine with Tallahassee Food Gardens, and Barbara Spooner and Randy Teague with the Community Gardens of Havana.

Community gardens can be divided into four main categories: allotment (where you can rent a plot to grow food), donation (where a collection of people grow food together with the intent to give it away to, say, a food pantry/bank), educational or demonstration (at the most disengaged level such gardens are where people visit to get ideas, they also can serve as workshop settings, youth after school program space), and team (gardens are maintained by a group; tasks and bounty are divided amongst team members; note: all but impossible without a group/team that works well together).  

Below you'll find a list of the local allotment-based community gardens where one can lease a garden plot. This list is only a small fraction of the community gardens in the Tallahassee area. There are, of course, many, many schools with gardens (my best count is over thirty). Additionally, there are a handful of educational and donation community gardens around town, plus a growing number of "neighborhood gardens" wherein two to six families are joining to create mini-community gardens in one of their personal front or back yards.

Area Allotment Gardens
FAMU Community Garden
Contact: Trevor Hylton @ 561-2095 or trevor dot hylton at ufl dot edu
Located on Orange Ave between Adams Street and Wanish Way (across from FAMU DRS)
The FAMU Community Garden is the oldest community garden in the area having been around more than 35 years. This garden is especially focused on providing a means of food security to its growers. It also provide a space to build community across ethnic lines. Call Mr Miller to sign up for a 40'x40' plot for a nominal fee.

Havana Community Gardens
Contact: Bob Bruggner @ 850 443-2362 or bbruggner at gmail dot com
Located on US 27 north of Tallahassee, on the Right just before you enter the town of Havana.
The Gardens were started in the fall of 2009 by local community gardeners in co-oporation with the Town of Havana. Currently there are 38 15'x15' individual garden plots available for annual leasing for $30.00 each. All plots are fenced and have access to a shared water spigot. In addition to the individual garden plots, three larger plots support ongoing community activities conducted by Community Cares of Havana, Havana Elementary School and Gadsden County Senior Services.

Fort Braden Community Garden
Contact: fortbradengarden at gmail dot com
Linda Nicholsen – 850-575-4446, Janis Piotrowski – 850-575-3953, or Tracy Johnson -- 850 728 8523  www.fortbradengarden.org
Located on Joe Thomas Road just off Highway 20 at the Fort Braden Library-- west of Tallahassee.
Fort Braden Community Garden is in its first year. All spaces are 15'x15' and can be reserved for a fee of $30 per year (first year's fee includes 2010 fall planting and all of 2011). No space to garden? Too much shade in your yard? Don't know where to begin? Visit the website, email or call any of the contacts to learn how to sign up for a plot.

Lott's Community Gardens
Contact: Edwin Lott @ 850-566-8421 or edwin.lott at goisc dot com
Located just south of Apalachee Parkway near SR 59. Visit website or call for directions.
Lotts Community Gardens is a new 10 acre irrigated community garden with 30'x60' plots available for $20 per month. Grow your own fresh vegetables in your family garden just a few minutes East of Tallahassee. Enjoy a great new hobby that feeds your family. Plots include include water spigots and tool storage for the first 32 members.

Meridian Community Gardens
Contact: Mary Phipps @ (850)591-5766 or orchardpond at gmail dot com
Located adjacent to Orchard Pond Organics on Cedar Hill Road off of north Meridian Road.
50'x30' plots available at $20 per month. One tillage is provided annually, free of charge. Water is free. No Herbicides, pesticides or GMO's. Call or email Mary with questions.

Southwood Community Garden
Contact: Lori Finn via southwoodcommunitygarden at gmail dot com
Located in Town Center at the intersection of Four Oaks and Merchants Row, the Southwood Community Garden (SWCG) is designed to be a beautiful destination point for the neighborhood with ~50 all-organic 4'x8' raised-bed gardens, butterfly garden, white picket fence, grape arbor, picnic benches and more. The effort is rooted in a desire to enrich the community, teach kids where their food comes from, and provide families with healthy, fresh produce year-round. Residents and visitors are welcome to stroll through the garden. Contact Lori on info re: signing up for a plot, volunteering, etc.

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