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Will Allen's Coming to Town: 12-6:30pm, Sun., Mar. 6th

Registration Info Here. "2011 Thriving, Beyond Sustainability Workshop" Featuring Growing Powers’ Will Allen DATE:   March 06, 2011 HOURS:    Noon- 6:30pm LOCATION:   FAMU Center of Viticulture and Small Fruit  6505 East Mayhan Drive (Hwy 90) Tallahassee. FAMU StateWide Small Farm Programs, local small farmers, and a coalition of sustainable food advocates including Tallahassee Sustainability Group, Man in Overalls with Tallahassee Food Gardens, Greater FrenchTown Revitalization Council,  Damayan Garden Project, Project Food, and Sowing Seeds Sewing Comfort Ministry, have worked together to provide a wonderful opportunity for the community to come out and learn from  innovative urban farmer, Will Allen,  founder and CEO of Growing Power, Inc. Will Allen , "Farmer, Founder, CEO of Growing Power" will be in Tallahassee for sometime in March for an all-day workshop to discuss the work and success of Growing Power's Community Food Center as well as le

Oakland's Food Justice

Last June, I got an email from Marcy Rosner, a native of Tallahassee that had been-- for a handful of years-- living in Oakland.  She was back home for the month and hoped to find some volunteer opportunities with community gardens or some other volunteer urban ag project in Tallahassee.  Eventually she linked up with Shelby Stec, an awesome FSU student that coordinates a garden at the Salvation Army on Jackson Bluff. Last week, the day before catching a plane for the Bay area (for a visit to see my sister, Kelley), I sent Marcy my own email.  I'd been hearing reports about all kinds of food movement work in Oakland like this YES! Magazine article featuring the work of Urban Tilth .  I'd also heard stories about People's Grocery from Marcy, and, via Farm City, a book by Novella Carpenter , I'd heard about City Slicker Farms .  I hoped to see a bit of what's going on in Oakland with reference to the food movement and to catch a few stories. Marcy invited me over

Nutritional Tidbits (from Jorge Lopez): Eat Your Veggies

Meet my buddy, Jorge Lopez. He and I attended Warren Wilson College together, where he studied biology with a focus on plants.  Prior to  "Wilson," he earned his AA at the University of Florida, served for four years in the US Marine Corps.  He's worked as an EMT for three years in New York City and for three years as an ER tech.  He also worked for a year in a health food store. Currently, Jorge's attending the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ.  It also so happens that he's an amazing cook. A couple months back Jorge and I communicated via facebook about the possibility that he could guest-post on my blog to provide nutritional tidbits that link food gardening with healthy eating and health, in general. This is the first of such posts.  Thanks go to Jorge. "Eat Your Veggies" - by Jorge Lopez- When I was a child I remember my mom telling me, “Eat your veggies they're good for you."  I would often ignore my