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Hello from Out West & Remember New Leaf's Farm Tour Oct 25th & 26th

Greetings from Tucson, AZ. Yesterday, Mary Elizabeth and I visited the Mercado San Agustin. The sign painted on the outside wall of the market A central square surrounded by sidewalks, farmer/producer booths, and restaurants. For-rent commercial kitchen for food-based businesses  backyard-gardeners consignment table ran by the Food Bank There was a farmers market that was woven into the mosaic of a larger market: shops, a bakery, a rent-by-the-hour commercial kitchen for food-based businesses, a communal square, a bar, and a backyard-gardeners consignment table ran by the food bank, which is actually the umbrella organization for the farmers' market itself. (Check out what Tucson Community Food Bank is doing  to grow the food movement!) The market was linked to downtown by a newly developed streetcar! So cool! It reminds me of the vision for the Frenchtown Heritage Market being developed in Tallahassee. Mary Elizabeth and I are here for a few days visiting fa