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Man in Overalls - Geeking on Good Soil

"I just don't have a green thumb! I kill everything I plant!" Or, so folks say.  Having grown up in the Deep South with a heavy cinematic helping of Fried Green Tomatoes , every time I hear such woes , I can't help but think, "The secret's in the [soil]." Picking up on my "#GrowYourGroceries - The Easy Way" series, second to sunlight , the next most important thing for ensuring a productive food garden is great soil. (I outlined where I was headed with this  series in my post,  The Big Picture. ) - - - My spring garden in '97 or '98 I remember taking a trip to Indiana when I was a kid, 11 or 12 years old. By this point, I had already been gardening every spring for a few years.  Due to my wonderment, we stopped on the side of the highway to inspect a field of Indiana corn. The stalks were a solid 10-12 feet high, maybe taller! Each stalk had 2 or 3 ears of corn. But the thing that really hit me was the soil itself. It was