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Man in Overalls - You Need this to Grow. It's key!

Sunlight, y'all. You need sunlight to #GrowYourGroceries. To have a successful food garden, it's key! Sunlight, like this: This, on the other hand, is not a "nice spot" for your food garden: Photo courtesy James Willamor Yes, I jest, but only because I've encountered, truly, countless people for whom either hope springs eternal or who, honestly, struggle to understand the connection between food garden productivity and sunlight. Namely, food crops (with, noted, a few exceptions) do not yield without at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight. Let me give you the scenario. It's the same story every time. It happened years ago when I launched my food gardening business, and it happened, literally, last week. I show up for a food garden consultation or dream session to take a look, offer edible ideas, and answer questions. Or, then again, maybe I'm there to install a raised bed or simply to deliver a load of my Magic Mix. I knock on the door, and