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Man in Overalls - Food Movement in Nicaragua

I'm back in Tallahassee! (for two weeks). As I mentioned in previous posts, my wife, Mary Elizabeth and I spent the last two months in Nicaragua and Ecuador studying spanish , culture, dance, history, and community-based good food systems. Though we're back, there are more stories to tell. If you need a food garden consult, compost delivery, garden design, or a couple raised beds, let me know. Send me an email with subject line "Food Gardening Work"  or ring me at 322.0749, and I'll get right back with you. - - - In addition to the household-level food economy smarts of folks in Nicaragua, we also learned of many organized efforts to "alimentar" their communities, i.e., to ensure their communities are taken care of and are eating well. The good food movement, indeed, has many expressions! Take the the spanish language school, Hijos del Maiz  in el Lagartillo where we studied for example. On the surface, it is simply a community-based l