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A Shout Out for Good Work

Sometimes I feel like a broken record.  Nonetheless, I'm going to say it again: there is SO much good work being done locally as it relates to the food movement, as it relates to building a resilient community-based food system*.  When I consider highlighting great work and to whom to offer thanks, I am often at a loss because I don't know where to start. Allow me to chronicle the list by memory and dates as I've encountered the food movement recently. April 13th , I met with Betsy Henderson at her Dunn Street property (currently a vacant lot); she dreams of a thriving French Town Community Garden that involves both young and old, hosts community food workshops, provides space to local churches to raise food for the hungry, and hosts periodic cook outs where neighbors can meet neighbors. April 14th , via the coordination of Ms Miaisha Mitchell of the Frenchtown Revitilization Council and Harriette Hudson with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, I conducted a workshop at TM

New Company Garden at FBMC

In late March, I reported on the Nemours Clinic Community Garden in Jacksonville.  Less than a month later, I presented to Working Well , a "community-wide initiative...dedicated to creating a healthy workforce in Leon County."  Though the presentation was lively, and folks were joking and laughing, the real excitement began a few days before the presentation.  Glenda Atkinson with FBMC Benefits Management contacted me by email to see if I would assist FBMC's Wellness Team in developing a company employ garden. "Definitely." The day after the Working Well presentation (details available here ), I visited with Glenda at FBMC to explore their space, sunlight, and discuss food garden design possibilities. She asked that I put together something-- including a garden layout-- that she could take to her administration for approval.  I drafted a proposal that night. Then, three to four days later, after securing admin approval, we set up a time for the W

Why Being a Foodie Isn’t ‘Elitist’ - By Eric Schlosser, April 29, Washington Post

A friend shared this article on my FB page a couple days ago.  It is the most articulate and emcompassing article I've read about the food movement's benefits-- as well as a rebuttal against the centralized food system's attempts to hedge in our community garden, health, small-scale/sustainable agriculture, community-based food systems, nutrition, farmers' market... (i.e. food movement) work.  It's worth the read.  If you're looking for an article to pass to friends and family to demonstrate the extent of the food movement and the corresponding need for us to recreate resilient community based food systems, this is a worthy candidate. (If you'd prefer to read it on the Washington Post's website, click here .) Why being a foodie isn’t ‘elitist’  - By Eric Schlosser, April 29, Washington Post At the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting this year, Bob Stallman, the group’s president, lashed out at “self-appointed food elitists” who are “