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Below I've copied my Resources Page because I've grown aware that a lot of folks don't know I've got one and/or don't know where to turn for a go-to destination on the web related to food gardening and food movement resources.  Take a quick (or long) look through.  In the short or long-term future, you can come back and find them by clicking the "resources" link just over to the right under the google search box. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that jazz... Tallahassee Food Gardens Quick Reference Guides What Can You Grow in a Square - Square Foot Gardening (in raised beds), plant spacing, seasonal varieties Food Gardening 101 - The Basics: local planting dates, how to prep beds, plant, water, etc Cover Up that Soil - Primer on the what, why, when, and best practices of growing cover crops Types of Community Gardens -Outlines the three major models of community gardens with local examples Additional Quick References Just Fruits and

And We Think We're Starting Something + another couple tidbits

In partnership with a group of young folks in Frenchtown calling themselves iGrow , I'm increasingly exploring urban farm possibilities. As we investigate possibilities, partnerships, land, business accounting, marketing, proposal pitching, and the works, we're manufacturing and selling iGrow Garden Buckets as a joint venture to raise seed money. Amidst the conversation, we've been talking about "starting the first urban farm in Tallahassee."  Well, goodness.  What's that phrase?  "There's nothing new under the sun." Something like that.  The idea of "starting something" or "being the first at something" sounds so cool.  It offers a legitimacy, a sense of "originalness" that's appealing, but too often in claiming such statuses, we-- whether intentionally or unintentionally--tread on those who came before us.  Such was our mistake, my mistake, really. It's silly, really, that'd I'd blunder with