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Thanks to Ro-Mac: Letter to the Editor

Tallahassee Democrat Thursday 20th, 2011 Dear Editor- On a routine trip to Ro-Mac Lumber and Supply [ map ] last week, I saw a handwritten door sign: "All Sales Final: Going Out of Business." With disappointment, I shook my head. Not Ro-Mac . Two years ago, I started Tallahassee Food Gardens with $300 and a pickup. My mission was to enable "wannabe" food gardeners, network local food and community garden activists, and, generally, support the food movement. From the beginning, Ro-Mac was my supplier for raised-bed lumber, hardware and tools. By my third visit, they greeted me by name. Unlike the big boxes, the folks in Ro-Mac knew things. Frequently, they cut my boards to size; occasionally, they charged me. Ro-Mac was and remains a great local business that's far more than a store. It's a storehouse of great people, trade wisdom and incredible service. Ro-Mac opened in 1946. It closes shop in March. The guys at the front desk jokingly told me, &qu

Nutritional Tidbits: A Few Words on Herbs

A Few Words on Herbs: Rosemary, Garlic, and Tumeric by Jorge Lopez Jorge Lopez cooking- more info on Jorge down below. Sometimes I find that the ordinary and everyday becomes dull and unexciting. Unlike a child’s world view of adventure and discovery, as I get older I have found ways to light my passion for the simple. I find often that to ignite the beauty in the everyday I have to set out and rediscover! For example every herb, flower, fruit, vegetable and tuber has more than one story. Cooking with herbs for flavor and aroma to create the perfect dish is one story. How those wonderful herbs help us to heal can be another. Rosemary, Garlic, and curcuma (Tumeric), are among the many herbs used every day to enhance flavor. Lets look at how they benefit our health. One the most pleasantly pungent and bitter herbs I often use is rosemary. Rosemary is one of those herbs you don’t want to overdo when cooking because of its incredible strong taste. Rosemary is known to be an anti-i