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Edible Garden Tour

First, a few calendar events: "Stories of the Food Movement: where we are and where we want to go" -- 6:30pm, Mon., Feb 28th at the Main Library. Nathan Ballentine, Man in Overalls with Tallahassee Food Gardens will co-present with Mark Tancig from  Damayan & Tallahassee Food Policy Council and TJ Shaffer from Tallahassee Sustainability Group.  Click HERE for more info. Will Allen, MacArthur Genius, Farmer, Founder CEO of Milwaukee's Growing Power will be conducting a workshop, 12-6:30pm, Sun., Mar., 6th at the FAMU Viticulture Center out Mahan Dr.  Click HERE for more info.  He is a nationally and internationally recognized figurehead of the food movement. Now for a report from the Edible Garden Tour to the Man in Overalls' Food Garden: (I'll keep the words few and the pictures plenty-- Thanks to Mike for the images.)  Over forty folks from the Tallahassee Edible Garden Club , Indianhead Acres and beyond came by for a tour.  We started with introd

Living in the Midst of a Renaissance

(A late-night email to a local co-worker in the Food Movement) Wow, It's roll-time.  I am amazed every day by this blossoming movement of which we are part.  This morning I met with the campus chaplain--visiting-- from my Alma mater .  She tells me that her aspiration (at 44) is to go back to school or apprentice under a food activist because she wants to be integral to feeding people; she tells me the words "feed my sheep" keep echoing through her life.  Then, I depart, run into Red Eye Coffee where I exchange emails with four customers who I'm going to visit with on Tuesday to discuss projects.  Promptly, I jet over to TCC to fill out my paperwork so I can teach a "Community Garden Start-Up" short course through Workforce Development, starting on Feb 24th.  While I'm on campus, I track down a Ms Menzel to which Ms Mitchell referred me.  Turns out, she's the Special Projects Coordinator for the new Pres, and he intends to prioritize sustainabil